Welcome to an inspiring five-day workshop that will be conducted by Swedish photographer Martin Bogren in the vibrant city of Berlin. Participants will be encouraged to produce a fresh body of work or extend existing projects during these intense 5 days. The course is open to all, but especially encourage those who want to deepen their personal approach and develop their photographic language. Martin will show his own work, sharing methods and approaches, but more important reviewing the participants work and guide through the process. Each day will entail class time with group critique and discussions, as well as individual time to photograph a personal series. During the week the students will receive feedback and be encouraged to deepen their understanding of photography as a key to a personal vision. The course will seek to develop each participants’ presence and find your personal voice, all to be able to reflect yourself in your own work.  To build a series that tells not only about someone else, a subject, a place or a theme, but more important a reflection of your inner self. In mentoring, Bogren will help participants to find or expand on visual techniques and strategies towards the realisation of a personal sincere photographic project, imbued with a strong and sublime sensibility.